Well Rounded entertainment (40% Comedy, 30% Drama, 20% Song &    Dance and 10% Poetry/Spoken Word/Shakespeare)

It is a rare performance of its kind and can be performed on broadway or    in a hotel conference room with the same powerful effect.

Extremely low overhead and extremely cost effective production

Only 1 immensely talented performer with international notoriety

Simple set design – 1 block, 1 chair and solid backdrop

Proven to be entertaining and relatable to all cultures, races, genders and    ages (mostly 13 and over)

Crosses multiple entertainment genres (drama, comedy, dance, spoken    word and hip-hop)

Elaborate and captivating lighting, sound effects and musical compilation

Promotes healthy relationships, social & self-awareness, leadership &    responsibility, adaptation to cultural differences, alternatives to violence,    drugs, sexual promiscuity & AIDS awareness and more

IronE’s BBTWD is Entertaining, Educational, Electrifying, Enlightening,
   and Empowering.


Most shows only entertain… this show will change your life!

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